05-01-2023: Beltane Blessings to you all! Join our LIVE BELTANE Spell on May 1st! Blessed Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on May 5th to you all! Congrats to our March Magical Star- Laura Sutton Watkins! We love you all!

What Is The Spell Casting Club?

The Spell Casting Club is a warm, safe, Magickal community where my students receive monthly Magickal Training from myself and my staff of Magickal Teachers. After observing 19,526 of my students (at the time of this writing) since 2006, I have observed 2 important characteristics of my must successful students:

1. They practice a little bit of Magick consistantly over time. (This could be some as simple as casting one of my little 5 minutes spells a few times a week.)

2. They make it a point to seek additional help from a Magickal Teacher (me) personally. They understand how important it is to have a caring teacher to help them achieve their desires with Magick.

These Magickal "Keys" for casting successful spells are just part of the simple "Magick Formula" at the heart of The Spell Casting Club.

Why The Spell Casting Club?

There's a lot of noise out there in the world about all things Magickal. From Astrology to Spell Casting... from Numerology to Psychic Abilities... and every other area of Magick.

There are books, courses, and teachers of all sorts. There are even "services" out there who offer to cast spells for you.

In each case, there's a problem.

The information is too complicated, which causes you to focus less on what you are trying to acheive, and more on the complicated steps of a very long (and sometimes boring) ritual. Or...

You purchase a book or a course and try a few things before putting it aside, and then you don't get back to it. Ever.

You find a spiritual advisor or Magick teacher and it's usually expensive. Plus, you are "locked in a box" with that teacher her/his way of interpreting the mystical world. Or...

You "hire" someone to cast a spell for you - and nothing ends up happening, except your PayPal account is a bit lighter. :)

None of these problems exist in the walls of the spell casting club. Here are our Magickal beliefs and how each aspect of The Spell Casting Club supports these beliefs.

1. The real "power" comes from inside of YOU. From inside your heart. This is where your deepst dreams, desires and wishes lie. The power to change your life in all of the ways you wish cannot come from outside of YOU. You have all of the power you need inside of you.

Inside The Spell Casting Club, you will receive a very simple set of Magick Spells every month. Each one is designed to be cast in 5-10 minutes using a simple set of steps and ingredients you'll find in your home. You'll also receive the simple Magickal Training required for each spell to bring results in our Magickal Tutorials and Newsletters delivered to you each month as well.

Contrary to what most people "want" to believe - nobody else can do this for you. Why? Because true Magickal change only occurs when you use your OWN "emotion", "belief", and "focus" on attracting your dresires...and solving your own problems with Magick.

It is here, inside the walls of The Spell Casting Club, where our Magickal faculty makes this process as simple as possible for you - so you can experience the quick, life-changing results you are hoping for.

2. Magickal "consistency" is the second key. This isn't about casting a single spell, and sitting back and waiting for something to happen. This is not how it works.

Instead, doing just a little bit of Magick every day - keeping positive focus on your desires and on solving your biggest problems is the absolute best way to make Magick happen in your life. Every time you focus your emotions on something you truly desire - and visualize those desires materializing in your life - you are creating a powerful energy inside of YOU that will release into the universe, and be embedded into your daily actions.

Here in The Spell Casting Club - we all understand this, which is why you are giving a simple checklist filled with very simple "Magickal Items" to complete each month. This Magickal Spell Casting Club checklist will help you "be consistent" with your journey toward your deepst desires by giving you a very simple list of things to complete throughout the month. With very simple Magickal work in the form of little spells and techniques for just 5-10 minutes per day - there is absolutely nothing you cannot accomplish.

3. To improve in any art (or skill), it helps to have someone show you how. We know this is obvious - but it's not something most people follow with consistency, especially when it comes to the Magickal arts. Having a warm, caring, Magickal teacher you can trust guide you through each of your simple spells and Magickal techniques is an important part of experiencing the change you truly want in life. The difference between somebody who tries to do it all on their own, and somebody who follows the careful guidance and a teacher who has already "been there" is dramatic.

Here in The Spell Casting Club there are several Magickal teachers that will help guide you. Not only will they provide your monthly simple spells and other Magickal Lessons, but they will be available to help you in our "Secret" Spell Casting Club Facebook Group. It truly is "private" and SECRET because nobody will be able to see it unless they are a student of the Spell Casting Club. It is here you can interact with your teachers AND your fellow Spell Casting Club students as often as you like. Which brings me to number four...

4. The more positive energy you have, the better your life will be. This is not only about staying positive within yourself...but this is about using the positive energy of others - all cheering for you - all sending their loving thoughts of well wishes and support to you whenever you need it. We are stronger as a Magickal Group than we are as individuals.

It is this positive energy that can boost the energy of not only your Magick Spells - but everything you do in life. This is the power of the "Secret" Spell Casting Club Facebook Group where your Magickal Teachers and fellow students alike will become your Magickal family... sending you an endless supply of love, support, and positivity.

The great Albert Einstein once said: "Matter is Energy... Energy is Light... We are all Light Beings.."

And now, you'll have all the light you ever need in our close knit Magickal family where there is no place for negativity. Only positive energy and light sent to YOU each and every day.

What You'll Receive As A Spell Casting Club Student

There are two different student levels in the Spell Casting Club: Initiate, and Adept.

Here's exactly what you'll receive each month when you become an Initiate-level student:

  • The Spell Casting Club Initiate Newsletter (7-11 Magickal "Easy Reading" pages with cute colorful illustrations and step-by-step Magick spells and techniques.)

This beautifully formatted full color PDF newsletter is easily viewed on any computer or device.

Each one contains Magickal words of wisdom, advice, and love from me, Rose Ariadne at the top. You can expect a warm greeting from me to help keep you focused and engaged with our wonderful Magickal community... and to "Introduce" the material that will be covered in the rest of the newsletter...and the Magickal spell demonstrations and tutorials for the month.

  • The Spell Casting Club Initiate Monthly Video Spell Demonstration

Each month a unique and special spell created by myself and Magickal teaching staff for Spell Casting Club members only. A Magickal teacher will guide you quickly and easily through every step of each simple spell demonstration.

STEP 1: Your teacher will introduce the spell, including what it will accomplish and exactly what you can expect after casting.

STEP 2: Next, your teacher will show you exactly what items and ingredients you will need for the spell. (Don't worry, simple spells with very few ingredients typically get better results than long complicated rituals with lots of ingredients. Why? Because when there are too many complicated steps, igredients and tools, people end up focusing on the steps and complexities instead of the end desire!

This is a big "no no" if you want good results froms your spells. I've always believed in the "KISS" spell casting method: "Keep It Simple, Student."! :)

Not only will each spell have a very short list of simple tools and ingredients - but your teacher will provide you with a list of substitutions you are sure to have in your home, just in case you don't have something.

You'll never have to spend a dime on tools or ingredients if you don't want to... so you can focus 100% of your energy on your desire - which will make every spell work better.)

STEP 3: You'll follow along as youor teacher guides you through the spell setup including how to steup your altar (it could even be a little table), where to best position your items, and any additional setup.

STEP 4: Next, you will follow your teacher through every step of casting the spell. Typically this will take about 3-5 minutes for the majority of the spells. (I highly suggest you just "go through the motions" of casting the spell with your teacher first by following along with the demonstration... Then cast the spell on your own for "real" later that day or night for bgest results. Don't forget to post to the group and tell everybody how it went!)

STEP 5: Finally, you will be able to watch your teacher and the spell in just the right way. (How you end a spell is often times the single most important part of casting a spell. For most spells: this is the moment when all of the energy you have focused on your goal is released into the universe to attract your results. You will also see exactly what you are supposed to do with the ingredients and tools you used in the spell. This is also extremely important!)

  • The Spell Casting Club Initiate Magickal Tutorial Of The Month

This is your time to hold your teacher's hand and take another step into a deeper Magickal world where the only limitation for what you can attract is what you are able to dream for yourself... your family... your life.

Each month you will receive a Magickal Tutorial Demonstration video and PDF Companion to guide you through a powerful... emotional... "outside the box" Magickal technique.

Think of this section of your classwork as your moment to dip your toe into a deeper, thrilling Magickla Ocean that will add a Mystical excitement and connection to your life...to bring the wonders of miracles into your life in a steady flow.

The Magickal Tutorial videos will usually be a little longer - between 10-15 minutes because of the outside the Magickal Box nature of the techniques. Sometimes these will include specialty spells and techniques.... But will more likely be a variety of powerful, life changing topics such as divination (building your ability to see things that are yet to come), Astorlogoy, Kitchen Withery, Craft Magick, and so much more.

The printable companion PDF document comes with additional information you will need to perform the technique in quick reference format.... Including all of the steps...and information about any items you need. This bbeautiful 3-5 page full color PDF will be your handy guide for performing each technique with ease after going through a demonstration with your teacher.

  • Access To Rose Ariadne's Private (and SECRET!) Spell Casting Club Student Facebook Group

This is the beating heart and soul of my Spell Casting Club. It is here that you will have personal interaction with your Magickal Teachers (yes, this includes me, Rose Ariadne)... and every single other Spell Casting Club student.

It is here where you will tap into the Magick of this special, warm, caring group of people that will listen to you, encourage you, send you positive energy vibrations with their thoughts... and even give you a virtual "shoulder to cry on" in those sad moments life brings once in awhile.

There will be "Facebook Live" group spells and rituals throughout the year to bring the powerful energy of the entire group together to attract all of the good things in life that you truly desire for yourself and your loved ones. Real love... prosperity... success in the things most important to you... and happiness.

This is your Magickal family of supporters - people who will always be in your corner to provide powerful positive energy anytime you desire.

The power of a group is the only reason we have survived as a human species... and now you will blend your energy with a group of Magickal peers and teachers to thrive.

IMPORTANT: This really is a "secret" group for your privacy. It's existence is completely hidden from the public and only teachers and students will even be able to see it exists on Facebook.

You will receive a private invitation to join through Facebook with within 24 hours after you become our newest student.

You can expect a warm and friendly "welcome" from one of your teachers and lots of your fellow students once you are added to the group.

Plus, each time you get a perfect score on the Magickal Quiz of the month... or you complete the entire checklist of the month - you will receive recognition from your teachers and the rest of the group!

This is 100% POSITIVE and there is a zero-tolerance policy for negativity or "bullying" of any kind. This is a safe place where you can receive all the help and guidance you need from a supportive, intimate and friendly group you can trust.

  • Surprise "Special Edition" Spell Casting Club Issues To Celebrate Special Holidays and Events Throughout The Year.

Your Magickal teaching staff and I will be hard at work throughout the year to release seasonal material in to help you tap into the Magick of special events and Holidays.

Each phase of the year creates a unique and different opportunity for you to make your life better and celebrate with your fellow students and teachers at the same time.

You'll receive a notification each time this happens, and you'll receive:

(1) The Seasonal "Special Edition" newsletter to celebrate the season - created by myself and your talented Magickal Staff.

(2) The Seasonal Special Edition Ritual Demonstration Video.

(3) A Private "Facebook Live" Group Spell For the Season.

(4) A Seasonal “Magickal Tutorial” to celebrate the season.

As an Adept Spell Casting Club Student you will receive
ALL of the Initiate-Level material PLUS...

  • The Spell Casting Club Adept Newsletter

This 6-12 page full color PDF newsletter for Spell Casting Club Adepts will help you spread your Magickal wings with spells and Magickal techniques that are a bit more advanced - and will go to a deeper place inside your soul, spirit, and heart for even more specific results.

  • The Spell Casting Club Adept Video Spell Demonstration

Each month you'll receive unique Adept spell demonstrations so you can easilyi follow the steps to perform the spell with your teacher.

You will explore a deeper and more specific "Magickal World" in these spells so you will be able to dig deep inside your inner energy... fueled by the universe and by those who love and care for you... and "mold" that energy in a way that it will manifest more specific desires you have.

  • The Spell Casting Club Adept Magickal Tutorial of the Month

The Adept Magickal Tutorial includes a Magickal Tutorial video and a 3-6 page PDF companion that will guide you gently and easily through a truly "outside the box" Magickal spell or technique.

Of course the Adept-Level tutorials are a little more advanced than those for Initiates, however our focus is on simplicity an d easy... so you can experience Magick on an even deeper life-changing level.

Plus, You'll Receive A Spell Casting Club Checklist And Quiz Each Month To Keep You On Track In Your Student Area

Included with your lessons each month is a special Magickal Checklist you will use to keep yourself on track - so we can make sure you are taking positive steps toward the life you desire.

As you progress through the most important items of the month, you'll tick off each item in your checklist - right inside the Spell Casting Club Student area.

Each time you complete the checklist our teachers will acknowledge your progress in the Secret Spell Casting Club Facebook Group.

Each month of material also comes with a Magickal Quiz you can take to make sure you have consumed the most important lessons of the month.

Similar to the checklist - each time you get 100% on the quiz, you will also be acknowledged by your teachers in the group.

It's our way of holding your hand through it all, to make sure you experience the results you desire with the spells and techniques.

How To Sign Up For The Spell Casting Club

Spell Casting Club tuition is just $29.95 per month for Initiates and $49.95 per month for Adepts.

And if you absolutely know this is for you and you want to be with us for a long time... and you want to save even more, can register under the yearly tuition schedule.

When you sign up on the yearly plan, your tuition will be just $297 per year for Initiate Level Students (that works out to just $24.75 per month)... and $497 per year for Adept-Level Students (this works out to just $41.41 per month).

This is a simple way to save 17% off your "seat" inside the Spell Casting Club.


Spell Casting Club "Initiate"

What you'll receive each month:

  • The Spell Casting Club Initiate Newsletter
  • The Spell Casting Club Initiate Video Spell Demonstration
  • The Spell Casting Club Initiate Magickal Tutorial
  • Access To Rose Ariadne's Private (and SECRET!) Spell Casting Club Student Facebook Group
  • Surprise "Special Edition" Spell Casting Club Issues To Celebrate Special Holidays and Events
  • The Seasonal "Special Edition" newsletter to celebrate the season
  • The Seasonal Special Edition Ritual Demonstration Video
  • A Private "Facebook Live" Group Spell For the Season
  • A Seasonal "Magickal Tutorial"

Select An "Initiate" Tuition Plan


Spell Casting Club "Adept"

What you'll receive each month:

  • ALL of the "Initiate" Material In Option #1 (To The Left)
  • The Spell Casting Club Adept Newsletter
  • The Spell Casting Club Adept Video Spell Demonstration
  • The Spell Casting Club Adept Magickal Tutorial
  • Access To Rose Ariadne's Private (and SECRET!) Spell Casting Club Student Facebook Group
  • Surprise "Special Edition" Spell Casting Club Issues To Celebrate Special Holidays and Events
  • The Seasonal "Special Edition" newsletter to celebrate the season
  • The Seasonal Special Edition Ritual Demonstration Video
  • A Private "Facebook Live" Group Spell For the Season
  • A Seasonal "Magickal Tutorial"

Select An "Adept" Tuition Plan

Magick Student 30-Day "Circle of Trust" Guarantee.

The moment you enroll in The Spell Casting Club, you will receive Instant Access to your first full month of Magickal Spells, Techniques, Tutorials and Demonstrations. This includes your month #1:

  • Spell Casting Club "Magick Newsletters".
  • Magickal Tutorial Videos and Companion PDFs.
  • Spell Casting Video Demonstrations.
  • Magickal Quizzes. (To make sure you absorb the "key" spell casting points and Magickal words of wisdom.)
  • Monthly "Magickal Checklists". (To guide you through all of the material with ease.)
  • Access to the "Secret" Spell Casting Club Facebook Group

You can cancel your membership any time you wish, and you will not be billed again.

Additionally, you have 30 days to explore your first month of Magickal Material before deciding this is for you. If you are not excited and thrilled to be a part of it all, just let us know by emailing our "Magickal Support Staff" (or open a support ticket with 1 click inside your student area).

You will receive an immediate refund of your first month's tuition. No questions will be asked. You will be sent one friendly email confirming your cancellation and refund.

It doesn't matter if you enrolled as an Initiate or an Adept... it doesn't matter if you used the Monthly Plan, or the Yearly Plan... you will receive an immediate credit of your first Spell Casting Club Tuition payment.

I want you to feel comfortable trying everything out. You can interact in the Secret Spell Casting Club Facebook Group to ask questions, get advice, and feel the love of your new community.

You can absorb every technique and simple spell in your first newsletters.

You can follow along with the spell casting demonstration video while you cast your first spell.

You can practice the special techniques and spells in the Magick Tutorials of the month by following the steps in the Tutorial Video and Magick Companion PDF.

If you decide it's not just for you at any time during your first 30 days, just tell us.

You'll receive an immediate refund, and we'll cancel your membership without asking a single question.
(Remember, even after the first 30 days, you can always cancel at any time!)

This is my promise to you as your Magickal Teacher.

NOTE: We take data security very seriously. We've partnered with Chargebee to host the safe and secure registration page with bank-level security. Your billing profile will then be stored with Stripe.com, one of the safest (and best) payment processing companies in the world. They are partners with Amazon, Facebook, Kickstarter and many more big companies..

You can rest easy knowing your billing profile is 100% safe and secure when you become a Spell Casting Club Student.

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Welcome To Rose Ariadne's Spell Casting Club

IMPORTANT: What should you do next?
(From Rose Ariadne)

Dear Student,

At this very moment, you are my newest Spell Casting Club Student - and I am honored to have you as a part of our Magickal family. :)

Throughout all of human history, in every corner of the globe, people have been tapping into mystical forces in our universe to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm... attract good fortune and prosperity... find love and true friendship... and create happy, healthy lives.

From the Magick of Spell Casting and Ritual, to Astrology and Tarot (and everything in between) - you are about to "shove off" on an exciting, empowering, and mystical journey that will take your life places you've only dreamed. It is our duty to activate the "Magick Formula" in your life through The Spell Casting Club. LOVE LIGHT + TEACHER + FOCUS = MAGICK.

We've carefully "embedded" each part of the Magick Formula into every aspect of the Spell Casting Club, so you can get real results from your spells simply, and safely..

The only way to know for certain what miracles you will find on this journey is to "dive" right in. We're all here to guide and help you every step of the way. (Both your Magick Spell Casting Club Teachers and our other students from around the world.)

Before you begin - let me show you exactly "how" to begin. ;)

Please watch Ash Rowan's short tutorial as he explains everything you need to know about using your Simple Spell Casting Club Student Area.

Your browser isn't compatible with this video. Please read the transcripts below.

Next, let's meet your Spell Casting Club Teachers!

Here's Miss Owlvine Green...

Your browser isn't compatible with this video. Please read the transcripts below.

... and Miss Annika Vatten...

Your browser isn't compatible with this video. Please read the transcripts below.

...and of course there is little ol' me. :)

While I will be participating in the Secret Spell Casting Club Facbeook Group on a daily/weekly basis, I will be hard at work "behind the scenes" creating new spells and Magickal Techniques for your teachers to teach...and for you to cast.

It is my job to be the invisible, gentle hand that guides the Spell Casting Club in a direction that makes the Magick Formula a part of your life...with simple spells and techniques that will empower you and attract more love, prosperity, luck, and happiness into your life. You can rest easy knowing I'm always here for you...and that everything you experience here inside The Spell Casting Club is filled with the same Magick you expect from me.

Next, I'd like to give you instructions for joining the Secret Spell Casting Club Facebook Group to get your first dose of "LOVE LIGHT" from your teachers and fellow students...


This very special item on the menu bar will transport you directly to the Secret Spell Casting Club Facebook Group. We call it "secret" because it is!

Anybody in the world who is NOT a part of The Spell Casting Club will not even be able to see that this group exists. This is for the privacy of all our students.

If you haven't yet joined The Secret Spell Casting Club Facebook Group here's exactly what you need to do.

Search for "Ash SCC Rowan" on Facebook and send him a friend request.

That's it! :)

Within 24 business hours you will receive an invitation to join The Secret Spell Casting Club Facebook Group - where you will soon see a special introduction from your Magickal Teachers - and of course you'll be able to participate in group Spell Casting discussions... ask specific Spell Casting questions to your Teachers... participate in surprise "Facebook Live" group spells... and many more Magickal surprises along the way.


Just in case you do not have a Facebook account, or want to ask a private question to your Magickal Teachers you can send an email to:

"[email protected]"

If you specify a specific teacher, you will get a response from that teacher.

You can expect a response within 1 business day.

Questions for Rose Ariadne may take a bit longer due to her schedule, but she will get back to you quickly as well.

Next... I'd like to give you something very close to my heart. I spent many months creating this for you... and if you follow the 7 simple steps I give you inside, there is absolutely no limit to the positive change you can create in your life.

It is the single most important "Magickal Tool" I have ever created... and only Spell Casting Club Students will ever receive it.

Now it's your turn.

It's called...


In creating this guide, I traveled deep into my soul over a period of 7 months - while pondering many questions about what really makes Magick work.

Drawing upon my Magickal experience which spans many years of practice, research, and education... plus, using my intuition... I came upon the answers.

Not just answers about "how" Magick works... but how anybody can completely transform their life using it's power. And do it again and again and again for each "big" desire in life.

It's taken many months of deep thought and reflection to boil the "core" of what makes Magick work into 7 simple steps anybody can follow to experience dramatic positive changes in life.

Each of these 7 steps brings energy from at least one part of The Spell Casting Club Magickal Formula: LOVE LIGHT + TEACHER + FOCUS.

Simply click the image below to download The Spell Casting Club 7-Step Magickal Transformation Guide to your computer or device. (It's in PDF format.)

Click to download The Spell Casting Club 7-Step Magickal Transformation Guide

IMPORTANT: this is not something to take lightly. This is a simple "roadmap" for creating a positive Magickal Transformation in your life over and over again with the spells and techniques you'll find right here inside The Spell Casting Club. There's nothing else in the world like it.

If you've ever wondered how to create real results with the Magick of Spell Casting in the simplest way possible... and experience the most success at the same time... This. Is. It. :)

Simply download this guide, and follow the simple instructions to perform the 7 Magickal Steps for creating the first amazing, positive change in your life faster than you ever dreamed possible. All using the Magick inside The Spell Casting Club.

If you look deep inside your soul, you know exactly how you want your life to be. Now you have the simple steps you need to create the life you desire and deserve.

NOTE: Be on the lookout for Spell Casting Club emails to help you move quickly and easily through each of the 7 steps as well. This is too important for you and your loved ones to ignore... <3

Click to download The Spell Casting Club 7-Step Magickal Transformation Guide


Finally, just in case you missed "The 6-Minute Magickal Reset" Spell on the "Thank You For Joining Us" page after you registered...I am providing it for you here again.

It's the FIRST item on your Month #1 Magickal Checklist. (It's also "STEP 1" of your Spell Casting Club Magickal Transformation Guide above.)

It's simple...and best of all you don't need anything except for yourself.

It is empowering, peaceful, emotional...and will whisk away any "negative blocks" that have been holding you back...so you can get the amazing spell casting results you desire and deserve...

If you haven't done it yet, here it is.....

Your browser isn't compatible with this video. Please read the transcripts below.

Finally, just in case you are more of a "reader", I'd like to provide text based instructions for using the Spell Casting Club so you don't have to watch Ash's video over and over... (though he does have a lovely voice!)


Your Spell Casting Club Student Access Area is a very simple place you will use to soak up the Magick of the Spell Casting Club in the form of Spell Casting Demonstration Videos, Magickal Tutorials, Newsletters and so much more.

Everything starts on the very simple menu bar at the top of your screen. Here's what will happen when you click each item:


You will click the "HOME" option on the menu bar any time you want to simply consume your current month of Magickal Material. :)

When you click the "HOME" portion of the menu bar you will arrive at a page with 2 tabs. "Current Lessons" and "Archived Lessons".

The "Current Lessons" tab will display your current month of Magickal content. It will all be listed neatly under the cute "Your Current Monthly Magickal Lessons" cartoon graphic.

The "Archived Lessons" tab will display your entire history which includes each of your previous months of Magickal Training. It is here you will access anything you haven't had time for yet - or those videos and newsletters you absolutely MUST see again.

In either tab, you are also able to click "Take Quiz" (to take the quiz of the month) and "Checklist" to mark off each Magickal task you've been assigned each month.


The "CONTACT US" button is for technical support issues with your membership or the Student Access Area. When you click the "CONTACT US" area of the menu bar, you will be taken to a contact page you will fill out with your issue - and this will open a ticket with Ash Rowan (our Spell Casting Club computer whiz).

He'll take wonderful care of your "techy" needs. :)


Clicking this option in your top menu bar will allow you to see JUST the Spell Casting Demonstration/Training videos. Simply select the "month number" from the drop down, and you will be able to watch any videos in the past. This is similar to the "HOME" area, but many students wanted a feature where they could just see the Spell Casting Training Videos. :)


Similar to the "TRAINING VIDEOS" section, this option will allow you to see JUST the "Magickal Tutorials" included in each month of training. Just select the "month number" to see the tutorials. Just a reminder: each Magickal Tutorial could be on a variety of Magickal topics - and each one comes with a Tutorial Video and a Magickal Companion PDF. Of course, the "HOME" section contains ALL of this - but if you just wanted to pick through the Magick Tutorials ONLY - this is the section for you.


You guessed it... :) While the "HOME" section includes everything, the "NEWSLETTERS" section is for you if you are looking for a specific Magickal Newsletter PDF (which you receive each and every month). Simply select the "month number" to see the newsletter(s) for that month and open it up.


This top menu item will take you to your "Account" page. It is here that you can update your Name, Email Address, "Nickname", and even your billing information. You can also change your password, which you may have already done. :)


Throughout the Spell Casting Club Student Area, you will see two slightly different "Witch Hats". :)

If you look closely, one has a white "I" and band like this:

The "I" Witch Hat signifies Magickal Training for " INITIATE LEVEL" Spell Casting Club Students. Every member has access to this training.

The other one has a yellow "A" and band like this:

The "A" hat signifies Magickal Training for "ADEPT LEVEL" Spell Casting Club Students.

If you are an Initiate Level Spell Casting Club Student and you continually see Adept Level materials you want to explore, simply click on any of these items and you will have an opportunity to upgrade to the Adept Level immediately.

That's all you really need to know about how to use your Spell Casting Club student area.

Make sure to keep tabs on the Private Spell Casting Club Facebook Group because you will receive various "Magickal Shout Outs" each time you complete a quiz or checklist... and of course you will also be able to join in on periodic special group spells on Facebook Live (in the safety of the Private Facebook Group) throughout the year.

Once again - we are all so excited and honored to have you as a part of this special Magickal place - our Spell Casting Club.

May the wonder of the Universe... and of Magick.... fill your soul and spirit always.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring "Resident Witch In Charge"

P.S. I'll "see" you in the Secret Spell Casting Club Facebook Group!